Farewell to the Fall League

Well, the Arizona Fall League Season has come to a close for the teams
that have not made the lone playoff game taking place on Saturday for
the championship. However, we did happen to finish on a high note
after winning our final game Thursday against the Phoenix DesertDogs.

I personally feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of this short season
while continuing my development as a reliever. Even though I
struggled over my final three appearances, I feel that the strides I
made early in the season considerably outweigh my recent struggles.
Numbers don’t always tell the whole story; and there is always room
for improvement as I’ve learned from past mistakes.

The antics around the clubhouse have also picked up in the final week
as the window of opportunity to pull a prank on someone is coming to a
close. Whether it was Lou Palmisano putting eyeblack on the inside of
the Mesa SolarSox batting helmets before the game; or Chris Mason
lighting a piece of tape on fire as it was stuck to the bottom of my
chair, a good time was had by all.

This being my final blog entry, I’d like to thank all those who have
taken the time to follow along over the past six weeks. I hope I was
able to give you a behind the scenes look into minor league baseball.
For now, it’s time to relax for a few weeks before resuming the
offseason training regiment. Thanks again for reading and see you in
the spring of 2009.

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