As the Arizona Fall League finishes up it’s third week of play, the
Javelinas are in midseason form. Thursday’s loss broke a four
game winning streak to bring us in at 9 – 6 as we head into an off day
for the All Star Game on Friday.

This past week has been nothing short of amazing as we have had three
games in which we have scored 10 or more runs with 20 or more hits.
Our offensive production has been out of this world, paced by Rays
firstbasemen Rhyne Hughes.

With the surplus of runs, pitching can be a little less stressful.
Just knowing in the back of your mind that your team is capable of
putting up a large number in any inning makes you a little more
comfortable. Everyone has been contributing in a variety of ways,
whether it is coming in to start an inning or being called upon in a
situational circumstance.

On my end, I feel like I have finally been able to get into a daily
routine. Being slightly OCD (obsessive compulsive) it’s an important
aspect of me being comfortable in my surroundings.

Whether it is making sure my bed is made in the morning, to equally
spacing out the hangers in my locker. It all plays a part in
establishing a rhythm that works for me.

The biggest adjustment for me with the Fall League was getting used to
the change in scheduling. As most of you know, the majority of the
games here are in the afternoon rather than in the evening like during
the regular season, so it is much more like a 9 to 5 job rather than
the awkward hours that we usually have to work with.

To be honest, it is a breath of fresh air for me after a long season.
It gives me a chance to go to bed at a normal time and not sleep into
the afternoon the following day. Conveniently, we can also catch all
the playoff games at night. I must say, I am more up to date with the
upcoming election as well; as I have had the chance to watch all but
one of the Presidential Debates.

The season truly seems to be flying by, and I’m sure that the next
month will be much of the same. Thanks for joining me this week, see
you next time.

I almost forgot. After Wednesday’s road trip to Phoenix, Omar Aguilar
fell asleep in the back of the bus with his headphones on during the
45-minute ride home. Rather than wake him up, we elected to allow him
to continue his “siesta” after we exited. The bus driver didn’t take
notice until they were a mile or two down the road. Needless to say,
we all gave him a hard time when he got dropped off at the clubhouse
ten minutes later.

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